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Elite Fully Automatic Pallet Wrappers

Automatic Series

Our Elite automatic pallet wrappers are designed to make your process fast and efficient. Robust steel construction and powder coated for durability and longevity. Whether you need low turntable height or high-speed, 130 pallets per hour capability, we have the wrapper for you.


  • 10 Programmable wrapping programs

  • 35 Pallets/hr

EA4000 (SLK low).PNG

Elite ALC12

  • Single Mast Saves Space

  • 35 Pallets/hr

EA5000 B.png

Elite ALC45

  • Double Masted Allows High RPM

  • 90 Pallets/hr

EA7000 B.png


  • Double Rotating Arms

  • 130 Pallets/hr

EA7000 Twin B.png
tech background 6.png

Book A Demo

Our experienced team would be happy to give you a quick walk through of our solutions and discuss how you could benefit from working with Elite Automation & Robotics on your next project!

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