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Other Elite Equipment

Elite Automation & Robotics manufactures other high-quality equipment including a pallet dispenser, pallet stacker, and slip sheet applicator. Our proven manufacturing process ensures only equipment that has passed our high-quality standards leaves the production line, every time. We are committed to only providing the highest quality products, at affordable prices. 


Feel free to schedule a quick fifteen-minute demo with our sales team to discuss all the great options available to you!

Elite EAMA791

The Elite Pallet Dispenser holds 12 pallets, releasing one at a time.


Elite EAMA792

The Elite Pallet Stacker holds 12 pallets, stacking one at a time. 


Elite EAMA804

The Elite Slip Sheet Applicator applies a layer sheet to a pallet before palletizing commences.

ELMA804 - Slipsheet D.png
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