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Elite Pallet Wrappers

Unmatched Quality

Elite Automation & Robotics manufactures high-quality semi-automatic and fully automatic pallet wrapping machines. Our proven manufacturing process ensures only equipment that has passed our high quality standards leaves the production line, every time. We are committed to only providing the highest quality products, at affordable prices. 

We keep most of these wrappers in stock in our warehouse in Lindon, UT, and can usually ship within two to three weeks. Feel free to schedule a quick fifteen-minute demo with our sales team to discuss all the great options available to you!


Elite ES1000

  • Entry Level

  • 30 Pallets/hr

ES1000 (T50).png

Elite ES2000

  • Powered Pre-Stretch

  • 30 Pallets/hr

T ES2000 (T70).png

Elite ES3000

  • 5 Programmable wrapping programs

  • 4400 Lbs Capacity

ES3000 (A600).PNG

Elite ES3100

  • Super Low Turntable

  • 90" Wrap Height


Elite ES3500

  • 5 Programmable wrapping programs

  • Touch Screen

T ES3500 (A600CC).png

 Fully Automatic

Elite EA4000

  • 10 Programmable wrapping programs

  • 35 Pallets/hr

EA4000 (SLK low).PNG

Elite EA5000

  • Single Mast Saves Space

  • 35 Pallets/hr

EA5000 (ALC12).PNG

Elite EA7000

  • Double Masted Allows High RPM

  • 90 Pallets/hr

EA7000 (ALC45).PNG

Elite EA7000 Twin

  • Double Rotating Arms

  • 130 Pallets/hr

EA7000 Twin (ALC45 TWIN)_edited.png

Elite Wrapper Accessories

Elite Top Sheet Applicator EL303

  • Fully Automatic

  • Dust-Proof Wrapping

Elite Top Sheet Aplicator.png

Elite Seal Unit EL304

  • Adjustable Temperature

  • Easy To Maintain

Elite Seal Unit.png

Elite Stretch Film

70 Guage

  • In Stock And Ready To Ship

Stretch film.png

Elite Stretch Film

80 Guage

  • In Stock And Ready To Ship

Stretch film.png
tech background 6.png

Book A Demo

Our experienced team would be happy to give you a quick walk through of our solutions and discuss how you could benefit from working with Elite Automation & Robotics on your next project!

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