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Robot Pedestals, also known as robot risers, are heavy duty steel platforms that robots are mounted to in order to achieve the required height for your application. These pedestals are offered in various heights and widths and can be customized if needed. It is important that a robot pedestal is robust, precise and has a very high level of sheer strength to allow your robot to perform without worrying about slipping or twisting. Elite Robot pedestals are designed and built with quality steel and powder coating construction.


Some common uses include but are not limited to the following:

• Robotic palletizers
• Robotic welders
• Robotic pick and place systems
• Collaborative Robot applications
• Automated packaging systems


Pick and Place application, Collaborative, Smaller robot applications.

Small Robot Pedestal - 24 inches1.png


Palletizers, Medium sized robots, Mid
range torque applications


Heavy Duty

Larger Palletizer, Heavy lifting, High torque applications


Heavy Duty

Heavy duty with conveyor option

Pallet Pedestal with Pedestal.png
tech background 6.png

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