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Robot Preventative Maintenance

Why Is It Important?

Preventative Maintenance (PM) on your existing robots is vital to keeping your business running smoothly and free of interruptions. Without regular maintenance, robots run the risk of malfunctioning, bringing your operations to a halt and creating a crisis; there is no good time to experience an unexpected shutdown of your line. Elite offers regular maintenance on your robots, whether we installed them or not, to help you avoid these situations and ensure that your only down times are the ones you schedule.

What Will Your Elite Service Technician do?

• Performs a complete system backup
• Pre-Grease Inspection of all axis and function
• Performs any necessary troubleshooting, test unit for
any vibration, alarms, or failures
• Replace grease and oil for all axis
Share report and findings with the customer
• Replace controller and robot batteries
• Post-grease inspection of all axis

• Document any vibration, alarms, or failures
• Perform final testing on robot and controller
• Complete customer care package
Customer buy-off documented
•If additional issues are identified, a quote will be provided
to the customer to approve or decline.
• Additional agreed upon repairs will then be performed at
this time.

What is included in the Elite Automation PM Service Agreement?

• Initial robot review and Deep Clean / Maintenance
• Quarterly inspection visits for visual check on the robot
• Annual Full Preventative Maintenance (as detailed above)

• Semi-annual surface cleaning and physical inspection of the robot and components

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