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Safety Fencing

Automated systems perform a variety of tasks, including moving materials, parts, tools, and specialized devices. In many situations these are robots that are often used to execute highly repetitive, unsafe, and dangerous tasks. Because of this, safety should be your number one concern, both to protect your employees and be sure your system continues to function without unnecessary damage. This is where the proper safety fencing becomes so important.

Elite safety fencing is modular and can be ordered as a complete set or just one panel at a time. Be sure your employees and equipment are protected no matter the layout or requirement.

Elite Safety Fencing can be used for the following and much more:

• Robots
• Automation
• Conveyors
• High speed motion control
• Stretch wrappers

All components can be purchased separately if desired.

Elite EASW4859

2', 4', 6', and 8' Sections


Elite EAMA808

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