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Elite Stretch Film

To complement our solid line of Stretch Wrapping machines, we conveniently offer stretch film to work with it. Elite understands the need to keep your production up and running. You can’t afford to deal with film that constantly tears or runs out too quickly. We have made sure that our film works well with all Elite Wrappers, and our engineers will make sure you have the best film for your specific application.

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What is Stretch Film?

Stretch film or stretch wrap is a highly stretchable plastic film that is used in packaging and shipping to wrap around items to keep them in place. The elastic recovery of stretch wrap keeps the items tightly bound.

Load Stability

Load stability is extremely important and something we take seriously. The sight of a collapsed pallet in a warehouse is a fairly common and unwelcome one. It doesn’t take much to realize that the costs associated with this can be huge, with damaged product, labor costs for restacking, potential fines from clients, there is a huge incentive to improve load stability and reduce pallet collapse or shift while in transit.


Elite stretch film is in stock and ready to ship. Call us today to get set up with a delivery schedule that fits your needs.

Auto-Fill Service

Elite offers an auto-fill service where we regularly ship stretch film to you without you having to worry about ordering it. We can send film to you at the following intervals:

  • 1 Year Bi-Monthly: 1 pallet every 2 months for 12 months

  • 1 Year Monthly: 1 pallet per month for 12 months

  • 2 Year Monthly: 1 pallet per month for 24 months

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Book A Demo

Our experienced team would be happy to give you a quick walk through of our solutions and discuss how you could benefit from working with Elite Automation & Robotics on your next project!

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