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Customer Support

We pride ourselves on providing reliable equipment and extensive support to optimize our customers’ operations. Our after-sales support is unmatched and ensures your equipment will work as hard as you do. Whether it’s preventative maintenance to improve the longevity of your equipment, or 24/7 support to minimize unforeseen down time, Elite Customer Support can provide the right service for you.


Service & Technical Support

Operational uptime is critical to your business, which is why Elite offers 24/7 support to pro vide timely solutions for unforeseen problems. Our technicians are available by phone, web chat, or email and can either remote in to your system or provide on-site support. Elite’s support programs are tailored for your needs, with yearly contracts available or pay by-the-hour support to suit your desired service. Our expert technicians understand your systems and guarantee to minimize downtime and keep your operations running smoothly.

Spare Parts

Keeping up with systems maintenance can be as easy as having a complete spare parts kit on hand. Parts wear out and can be a simple fix during your most dire times. We offer spare parts kits for all Elite equipment, helping save on future costs and prolonged lead times. Our equipment is designed to easily replace key components without the need for our technical support.

Preventative Maintenance

When it comes to end of line manufacturing, our team of technicians are unmatched. Elite not only manufacturers all the equipment you need, but we also understand what it takes to keep them running. Quarterly preventative maintenance is essential for optimal equipment performance and mitigating downtime during your busiest seasons. Don’t wait until a failure point happens, stay in front of it with our maintenance contracts. Elite preventative maintenance will improve the life span of your equipment, catch problems before they happen, and even allow our expert team to help identify additional opportunities in your operation.

Who We Serve

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