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Elite Box Palletizers


Enhance the productivity of your end-of-line palletizing with Elite's Standard Palletizing Cell, the EBX-10. The quality and longevity of this system is unmatched. The system is scalable and is able to be reconfigured to fit your facility's layout. 

System Specs & Options

• Solid Construction
• Simple Troubleshooting
• Pallet Dispenser
• Slip Sheet Applicator
• Pallet Conveyor
• Elite Safety Fencing

• Fanuc or ABB Palletizing Robot
• Solid Steel Robot Pedestal
• Elite Picking station and EOAT

• Up to 20 boxes per minute

• Multiple Stack Patterns
• Pallet Magazine holds up to 12 pallets

• 480v
• 80 PSI compressed air

Support and PM options available 

• Pre-programmed for fast implementation

Box Palletizer System Options

With multiple configurations to choose from, you're sure to find a solution that's perfect for your operation



A great option for a quality, simple and affordable system with safety in mind. This system is comprised of a Palletizer robot and EOAT, along with a single infeed conveyor and a 2 zone Pallet conveyor. This allows an operator to place an empty pallet on the conveyor outside the system. The conveyor brings the pallet into the palletizing position and when the pallet stack is complete, it ejects it once again for pick up.



This is the most basic yet high quality system we offer. A single palletizing robot and EOAT along with a single infeed conveyor. This system includes a steel pallet stand protected by a light curtain that allows the operator to place an empty pallet and remove a full pallet while safely muting the cell



This system included a single robot Palletizer with two separate pallet conveyor lines. This allows the system to stack two pallets at a time or gives you the ability to alternate stacks and keep the system flowing without downtime.



Another fantastic standard option that gives you two pallet stacking locations. This system includes 2 steel pallet stands protected by light curtains. An operator is able to mute the system while loading and unloading each stand. A two-pallet system gives an operator more time to complete other important tasks.



With two infeed conveyors, this system allows you to run two separate sku’s at a time. Each line has its own pallet stacking conveyor to keep your production organized and flowing. Multiple pallet patterns can be programmed giving you flexibility.



When you need the ability to sort and stack two separate products at the same time. This is a great affordable option for you. Using two infeeds and two pallet stands, you can keep up with your production needs without breaking the bank.



Utilizing a pass through pallet conveyor, this system allows you to load multiple empty pallets and cue multiple completed stacked pallets while your operators are busy with other important tasks.



This system includes a pallet rack and slip sheet rack along with pallet conveyor. The EOAT allows the robot to pick and place the pallets and slip sheets onto the conveyor automatically. This required the operator to merely monitor the racks and the system runs on its own. A great solution when your throughput needs aren’t high, but your operators time is valuable.



Utilizing multiple infeeds, this system allows you to run separate sku’s with the ease of the pallet and slip sheet racks. The system will run itself as long as the operator keeps the racks full. Again, when speed isn’t required but hands off operation is, this is a great option.

EBX-10 (2).png


This system includes a pallet feeder and slip sheet feeder along with a pallet conveyor. This system will run automatically as long as the operator keeps the pallets and slip sheets full. A great solution when your throughput needs aren’t high, but your operator's time is valuable.

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